Richbloom brings a range of handpicked skin & personal care products that are packed with natural ingredients for a safer and natural experience.

Our every product is a blend of natural extracts and technology promising of deep skincare.

Our range of high-quality products are created to suit different skin types and are affordable.

Richbloom White Chocolate Wax

White Chocolate is an exquisite product that is a blend of flavour ….

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Richbloom Dark Chocolate Wax

Dark chocolate is not only a gourmet experience but a  very exotic ….

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Richbloom Aloe Vera Wax

Aloe Vera is a natural healing solution for skincare. The medicinal …

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Richbloom Activated Charcoal Wax

Activated Charcoal is known for its cleaning properties and in wax it…

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Richbloom Banana Wax

Banana is a super fruit packed with rich nutrients like potassium, ….

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Richbloom Rose Wax

Rose is known for its aromatic and cooling properties. Adapted in ….

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Richbloom Avocado Wax

Avocado because of its nourishing oils is a natural skin conditioner.

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White Chocolate Brazilian Wax

The finest Brazilian White Chocolate comes with therapeutic properties …

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